Sunshine and Shadows

The light in town was wonderful today, so wonderful that I couldn't help but have a seat and just watch the shadows move with the clouds passing. The people sat next to me must have thought I was a weirdo, sat there doing nothing but watching the floor and taking pictures.

I do hope summer is full of days like today, because I really want to take a lot more photographs and get them online.

Queer Britain

What do you do when you're an out and proud gay man living in the UK with a pride event looming? Well, you deface the Union Flag with a pink triangle. The question is, do I coat it in glitter for added sassiness?

The UK, while it's being governed by absolute arses, is a pretty good place to be gay right now. We are legal, we have same sex marriage and even our Queen is (apparently) pro LGBTQ. For real, thought, I can't wait for pride and I hope everyone who has a pride event soon has a killer day!

The One Who Makes Me Wonder

You're the one who makes me wonder,
just when the world is going to see you,
for what you really are; the glory of fire and energy,
tools to make life live.

A man who, at the drop of a hat,
would turn over and die to see me happy,
making the world drop to my feet and kiss the earth,
without a second breath of self doubt.

Words are nothing without senses,
and I am nothing without you,
just marks on the pages of reality,
fading like broken communications,
and loyalty abandoned.

Mingling with Wildlife, Sad Goodbyes and Lots of Laughs

Apologies for the quality, I had to take this from my Instagram
After my trip to the nurse yesterday, I went shopping with my mother and while normally it's a fairly interesting trip at first, which then becomes the shining beacon of holy hell by the late afternoon, this time it was all fun, which resulted in a great day.

Along the way, we discovered an amazing pet shop which had jellyfish for sale. Yes, jellyfish! They were so wonderfully beautiful and very graceful in the water. To my surprise however, they're nothing like you see on documentaries, they don't zoom around the tank at all, they just kind of bob around at such a slow speed that they look suspended in the water. It's quite amazing to see.

We went to this place in the North East called Royal Quays, named that because it's right on the quayside, near the fish quays. Again, to my surprise, in the centre of the outdoor market square, if that's the correct name for it, they have a pretty big pen enclosure full of rabbits! I mean, look at this little guy, how could you not stop for a quick photograph and to stare at them with amazement, they're so wonderful to watch. This beautiful brown creature was fascinating, even more so that he was digging himself a little tunnel under the fence to get into the next enclosure. What a smart guy!

After a much needed shopping spree, I went to an exhibition at my old college, which was rather emotional! It was the last ever exhibition to happen at my old college since it's being demolished soon and all current students and staff are being moved to the new building down the road. It was great to see all of my past tutors, who are friends to me now, enjoying themselves and taking in the talent that is Shiney Row art and design students. 

Just before leaving, I had to go visit my old stomping ground, the film developing room. This cramped little room is what gave birth to my career as a photographer. I am mortified to see it go, but just time passes and i'm sure it's going to be missed by many. Thanks to this room I now have knowledge of film, processing and amazing memories. You'll be missed, old friend!

After a sad goodbye, I met up with some friends in town, nothing too over the top, just a few drinks (diet coke, please) and a curry, some decent chat and lots of laughs! 

Overall, yesterday was pretty good. It's been a while since i've had a really good day, where my mind doesn't worry about things or I have to fret over stupid little things. It was nice and I hope it's a sign of what's to come for my summer. 

I hope you all had a nice day.