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So, in the latest American Horror Story episode, there was a lot of mimicking my favourite movie, Halloween and quite honestly, i'm not sure how I feel about it. Most of me loves it, but there's something in me that isn't happy for some reason.

Either way, Michael Myers, my favourite horror character is the height of discussion since the episode aired and that's something I can't dislike!


So, for a while now, Lush have been using the hashtag #LushMen on their social media and has been encouraging guys to do the same, whether you're staff or our devoting customers. At first, I think we all thought it was a lovely way to gather us all up, so we could check out other skincare/beard care regimes. That was until these beauties started showing up.

As you can see above, it's a box. But it's not just an old boring, plain Jane box, it's a beautiful, custom made Lush Men care package, engraved with the glorious Lush logo, slightly changed stating 'Fresh Handmade Grooming Supplies'. I was super excited to see the box in general, that was until I opened it.

Inside is packed full of products i've come to love and devote my time and money towards. Essentially, the #LushMen idea is to promote the use of cosmetics to men and it really is working, from what i've seen. Inside, you get a lovely selection of skin and beard products, ranging from shower gels, hair conditioner and facial moisturiser. In mine, I got Grass Shower Gel, Veganese Hair Conditioner, R&B Hair Moisturiser, Cosmetic Lad facial moisturiser and Squeaky Green shampoo bar. I also got two bonus items, thanks to Michael and Jake; these are Tramp Body Lotion and the eagerly awaited Death and Decay perfume, which is set to hit stores in the New Year, if memory serves me well.

As you can see from the images (which doesn't do it justice, by the way) the box is very fitting for the whole interaction of men into the cosmetics industry. It's a rough and tough box, full of great stuff to protect though tough faces and manly beards.

If you do use Lush products and share your images on social media, please use the #LushMen hashtag and they'll get picked up by other Lush men.

Life and Lunch

Today I had some much needed alone time with this gorgeous guy; he's my best friend and it seems to be pretty difficult to find any time where we can both hang out, without other people being there or having another plan cutting our time short. We met, grabbed a coffee, got some lunch (a tasty chicken burger with the most amazing garlic mayo ever and a Strawberry milkshake and a vanilla soda float for afters) and did some much needed window shopping and I'm really glad we did, it was well overdue.

Michael and I have always had an amazing relationship, whether it's in a social group or just us. We have the most amazing laughs, we catch up on our social lives and share some personal irritations. He's the best person to get it all out to, since we have a very similar view on things. He's someone I can express my true emotions and opinions with and, unlike many, he doesn't shy away from a queer or sexual topics, which is something I'm always talking about, since I have so many thoughts on those matters.

Hopefully it won't be long until we have another one of our little days out, as they're severely missed.

Want A Softer Beard?

If you're like me and you're always looking for ways to improve your beard, its softness and its quality, you'll most likely love this product. Another Lush one, but a bloody good one at that! Lush have a huge selection of hair care, ranging from shampoos, conditioners, styling creams and now, moustache wax, but for me their ultimate hair care product is Hair Doctor.

I've spoke about Hair Doctor before and I can't stress just how much I love the stuff. Coming in pots of 95g, it is packed full of goodness that does your hair wonders...beard including! 

Packed full of seaweed and Fuller's earth, a lovely cleansing ingredient, Hair Doctor softens the hair, restores it to full health and leaves it feeling rich and tingly. Suggested instructions say to leave it on the hair for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. I usually leave it for about 25-30, but that's just me and that's for my beard as well as my scalp.

In the time it's on the hair, the lovely and rich Irish moss powder, peppermint and seaweed will work into the hair strands, nourishing and softening them as it does so. For my scalp, i'll rinse it off and then go in with Big shampoo, but for my beard i'll rinse it off and just leave it at that, skipping the shampoo step. Others do it differently, but for me, leaving it at that does exactly what I want. It's trial and error and you should do what you feel is best.

Other ingredients are as follows: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Red Henna, Chamomile Blue Oil, Soya Lecithin, Rosemary Absolute and Glycerine.

As you can see, i've also got on a coat of Mask of Magnaminty (self preserving) in the images, which i've spoke about here, this is an extra step that can be added if you wish. It contains lots of honey which will also help soften the hair. You may also notice that I go down the neck with both products, this is purely my own decision.

I've been using Hair Doctor for about three years now and I've never been let down by it. My hair and beard are always left feeling soft, nourished and looking healthy. It's definitely a must have for those who strive for beard perfection.

To store your Hair Doctor, you should keep it sealed in a refrigerator until the date stated on the tub, but it's usually around 3 weeks.

Hair Doctor is on sale via Lush stores and online for £6.95. You can view it on their website here.

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